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This is too funny not to share.

I woke up this morning with Unsan Musho by Jet Set Gypsies going through my head... it's official! I'm 100% a fan, even when I'm not awake. I'm kinda grateful since the last few days I've had this in my head. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cybyLKVnXms (like all week). I know that's just because I'm getting married this weekend. (I do love that movie though.)

So, thank you JSG! (http://www.reverbnation.com/jetsetgypsies) You've cleared my head. Musicals can be cool, but that song was gettin' really annoying. :)

*hugs to all* I'm off to do homework, housework, then head to work for more OT. Please wake me after August....
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Jet Set Gypsies have updated their list of songs on Reverbnation.

Take a look/listen.

You'll have to become a 'fan' which means signing up, but that is super simple. After you sign up, you can even download the music and listen to it offline. :)


Songs I've already got in my computer with a little background from V:

"Sinking Ships" was written and sung by V with some screaming vocals by Яich†er screaming.

"Blitzkrieg"  all the main melodies were written and sung by Яich†er and all the harmonies were written and sung by V. They trade off in dueling parts, it's really interesting.

"Great Curious Opera" Is the first song I listened to by them, on a cell phone at A-Kon. I liked it then and it's even better now that I'm listening on my computer. V wrote and sang it all by herself, including all the layered harmonies. The song is dedicated to Asagi-sama. I'm sure he'd be very touched if he heard it.

"Strength of the Sun" written by Яich†er. He sang the main melody and V preformed all the harmonies and added bits.

"Unsan Musho" was inspired heavily by traditional Japanese music. There's no mistaking that. It includes traditional instrumentation, V wrote and sang all the melodies and harmonies. She thinks it still needs work. I like it. It reminds me of Ouka Saki Some ni Keri, which was the first D song I ever heard.
If you take a peek and like (which I think you will) Please give them a little message of encouragement.


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I did this out of order, so this will land on my twitter twice. lol

I want to pimp a new band I've found.

Jet Set Gypsies

I met them at A-Kon in the line for D autographs. A husband and wife vocal team. Her brother is the guitarist.

They really are good. I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it. I plan on getting their music (V promised me some) and putting in on my mp3 so I can listen at work and drown out the other drones in the cubicle/hive. *goofy grin*

The sound is really unique. It's obviously inspired by D, but it also reminds me of Queenrysche. They have me wanting to mix my D with my Queensryche in a new play list. :D

If you like them, give them your love!


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