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So I'm back from A-Kon now. It was awesome! I got to see my sis for the first time in person. Love you Fairy! ([info]fairyniamh )

Met a lot of other cool people. Thank you to YukiPoo ( twitter.com/#!/YukiPoo), ElysiaDawn twitter.com/#!/ElysiaDawn87 for being so cool to Fairy and I! You and your crew helped to make this whole thing the most amazing trip ever!

Huge thanks to 'tableknome'. You ROCK! We had some issues with the whole, 'you can't line up yet/ there is no line/oh crap there really was a line' for the D concert. Being 5' tall I was sooo upset, because I had been waiting to be allowed to line up for the concert and thought I would not be able to see anything once it was determined that yes, we could line up and oh, a thousand people already had!

'tableknome' took responsibility for other people's mistakes and she and Gizmo (the male one, hehehe) made sure that everyone in our group had an oppportunity to get an awesome place for the concert! (http://d-gcr.com/)

I was front row in front of the stairs! I had a perfect view of my heart's fave Hiroki. He grinned and had a blast the whole time. It was soo sweet. I was also about ten feet from Asagi! It was so hard to split my attention between them all! Asagi has such a powerful aura, you can't pull your eyes away. He was mesmerizing! They were all amazing.

How is it possible they are even better looking in person and sound even better live than on a professionally mixed CD?!!!!?!!!! They are officially the most amazing band I've ever known.

I got to touch Asagi's hand! *squeals* and Tsunihito's as well!!!

I bought a live DVD and they all signed the insert next to their names. (I'll scan and post those later.)

This was the first trip I have ever taken for myself. I've always had to be mom and do everything for my child. This was my first act of complete selfishness.  It was worth the wait. (Thank you to my sweet boyfriend for understanding that I just had to go. He is sooo wonderful!)

I love you D! Hiroki! Asagi! Hide-Zou! Ruiza! Tsunehito! Fairy! Aki! Kiki! and Everyone else!

The long and the short of this rambling personal post? I am blessed. You have all been my blessings. Thank You!


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